Friday 28 May 2010

3 months on

total amount raised approx £1,200.00p not bad considering it was an add on.
the photos of the trip have been amalgamated and are outstanding, still cannot believe we did it, the success of the whole group was very high and outstanding.
Decided to think about next adventure, not sure what yet and then take a year to plan and save.

Saturday 13 February 2010

K5 made it

Well we made it, we started at 0.30hrs and reached camp at about 14.oohrs, they let us have 1 hours rest and then had to take us down so many meters as part of the acclimatisation process which required another 3.30 hrs walk, then yesterday we had a 7 hour trek to reach sea level, so today we are all quite stiff in fact we look like penguins in a row when walking. Annie Margo & Jo have had their massage Liz & I are having ours tomorrow.
All through the trek we kept talking about hot baths flushing toilets and beer, being the person I am I let Ann & Liz go before me for their showers and guess what when it came for my soak there was not a drop of hot water left !!!!!!!!! not a happy bunny.
WE have certificates to prove it, burnt lips, cold sore and lack of clean clothes ( been taking stuff out of the orphanage bag) but worth it .

Thursday 11 February 2010

Mission accomplished...

I received a text from Tina at 4am this morning, it read...
"Nearly at the top!"
I managed to phone her several hours later as she was making her way back down from the summit to the camp before continuing her journey down. All the girls made it to the top sucessfully and safely despite it being "the hardest thing I've ever done".

Saturday 6 February 2010

3rd day

This is our 3rd day, getting here was not to traumatic except for the plane from liverpool had to be de iced before leaving which was not to assuring.
Anyway we have made it to Moivora Lodge, which is in the middle of a coffee plantation, not bad very lush and has a pool. Today we are just chilling out by the pool. Yesterday we walked with a guide for 4.5 hours, we went inside a crater, walked through the coffee plantation and climbed t o about 1600 meters (small potatoes ) . We start our climb tomorrow, will try and keep blog. Yesterday was Margos birthday.

Wednesday 3 February 2010

this is it! !

This is it, the final blog before we leave in 10 hours time. Found that I didn't have enough room in my bag, luckily we can take two bags (phew) and cabin luggage, I think it must be the sweets/peanut butter, chocolate and medicines. I will be going to bed at 8pm so that I can get up at 1.30 am, we will arrive at Kilimanjaro airport at about 9.30pm, we then have a 90 min drive to the hotel, just as well we have 2 days R&R. David will be trying to maintain the blog. People have been so generous, much of the donations have been through people not known directly but through friends families and friends of friends even work colleagues, so a huge
Ann, Margo, Liz & Joe are all ready to go, so here's wishing every one good luck Txxxx

Monday 1 February 2010

Saturday 30 January 2010

Last push

Well only 4 days to go then off we fly. Been busy this week, walking to work, swimming 280 lengths this week, walked to Eastham Ferry and back about 5.5 miles and last long walk tomorrow. Apparently we shouldn't do exercise in the last week (hurray) that suits me fine. IPOD all loaded can see my self being lifted by the likes of Michael Jackson etc and lots of dance music. Been looking at the stuff to go not sure if its going to fit in the holdall, the food bars weigh heavy. Found myself on Voodou website very chuffed with that, although no one yet has logged on, Come on you fans get donating, £1 pp would soon add up. Great picture of Terry, still miss him loads. From Monday need to eat lots of carbohydrates not sure if I'm liking this, chocolate and alcohol not included.