Saturday, 13 February 2010

K5 made it

Well we made it, we started at 0.30hrs and reached camp at about 14.oohrs, they let us have 1 hours rest and then had to take us down so many meters as part of the acclimatisation process which required another 3.30 hrs walk, then yesterday we had a 7 hour trek to reach sea level, so today we are all quite stiff in fact we look like penguins in a row when walking. Annie Margo & Jo have had their massage Liz & I are having ours tomorrow.
All through the trek we kept talking about hot baths flushing toilets and beer, being the person I am I let Ann & Liz go before me for their showers and guess what when it came for my soak there was not a drop of hot water left !!!!!!!!! not a happy bunny.
WE have certificates to prove it, burnt lips, cold sore and lack of clean clothes ( been taking stuff out of the orphanage bag) but worth it .

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