Wednesday, 3 February 2010

this is it! !

This is it, the final blog before we leave in 10 hours time. Found that I didn't have enough room in my bag, luckily we can take two bags (phew) and cabin luggage, I think it must be the sweets/peanut butter, chocolate and medicines. I will be going to bed at 8pm so that I can get up at 1.30 am, we will arrive at Kilimanjaro airport at about 9.30pm, we then have a 90 min drive to the hotel, just as well we have 2 days R&R. David will be trying to maintain the blog. People have been so generous, much of the donations have been through people not known directly but through friends families and friends of friends even work colleagues, so a huge
Ann, Margo, Liz & Joe are all ready to go, so here's wishing every one good luck Txxxx

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