Saturday, 30 January 2010

Last push

Well only 4 days to go then off we fly. Been busy this week, walking to work, swimming 280 lengths this week, walked to Eastham Ferry and back about 5.5 miles and last long walk tomorrow. Apparently we shouldn't do exercise in the last week (hurray) that suits me fine. IPOD all loaded can see my self being lifted by the likes of Michael Jackson etc and lots of dance music. Been looking at the stuff to go not sure if its going to fit in the holdall, the food bars weigh heavy. Found myself on Voodou website very chuffed with that, although no one yet has logged on, Come on you fans get donating, £1 pp would soon add up. Great picture of Terry, still miss him loads. From Monday need to eat lots of carbohydrates not sure if I'm liking this, chocolate and alcohol not included.

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