Saturday, 30 January 2010

Last push

Well only 4 days to go then off we fly. Been busy this week, walking to work, swimming 280 lengths this week, walked to Eastham Ferry and back about 5.5 miles and last long walk tomorrow. Apparently we shouldn't do exercise in the last week (hurray) that suits me fine. IPOD all loaded can see my self being lifted by the likes of Michael Jackson etc and lots of dance music. Been looking at the stuff to go not sure if its going to fit in the holdall, the food bars weigh heavy. Found myself on Voodou website very chuffed with that, although no one yet has logged on, Come on you fans get donating, £1 pp would soon add up. Great picture of Terry, still miss him loads. From Monday need to eat lots of carbohydrates not sure if I'm liking this, chocolate and alcohol not included.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Spent the weekend gathering medications, dressings, peanut butter, lots of chocolate bits, toiletries, selecting soft toilet rolls, alls I have to do now is clean my boots and start packing, not sure if it will all fit in. I had a funny thought, I have been buying padlocks for the rucksack when alls they have to do if they want anything is just rip it open, which highlights the point no valuables n the rucksack!!!

Ode to a mountain climber

The following ode was presented to Ann by her colleagues at the Chester surgery.

An ode to a mountain climber
"We had a thought this evening
Whilst looking for something to do
And we thought of you up the mountain
And what you would do for a loo
They say that the air gets thinner
The higher up you go
So take our advice make sure you look twice
And dont eat the yellow snow.
There's many a rock up that mountain
You can leave the loo paper behind
But don't stoop too low when you want to go
Or the rock will be up your behind.
SO when all you brain dead explorers
Have reached the dizzy heights
Youll be glad you've got shares in
San Izal
Cause your all bound to have the s*****"

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Friday, 15 January 2010

Ruby party

David and celebrated our Ruby Wedding, (some photos on Facebook) we had a fantastic night at the Racquets Club in Liverpool, instead of presents we asked for a donation for our charities, we raised £250, £50 will be going to Tate's Christmas card charity and the remainder will be going to Macmillan nurses charity. So thank you everyone who gave. XXX
Just to bring you up to date with our trip, we leave on the 4th feb 2010, we fly from JLA via Amsterdam and arriving at Kilimanjaro airport in the evening, we have 2 days RR at the Moivara Lodge and then the Africa Travel company (same one as used by the comic relief climbers) pick us up and take to us to Kilimanjaro Lodge. We actually start our climb on Sunday 7th and from then on in our lives will consist for the next 6 days and 5 nights of walking and sleeping in a bivouac. We will be slowly making our way to the top (i.e. becoming acclimatised
the phrase is)
If fatigue or altitude sickness doesn't get us we will be starting our last climb on 11th Feb at about 01.00hrs and hopefully reach the summit for sunrise. Apparently you can text from there how amazing is that. We will then make our way down and will reach the Kili lodge for the evening and shower/bath and a real bed. If all goes according to plan we will be taken back to Moivara lodge for R&R (2 days). We start our journey home on Monday 15th and arrive at JLA on Tuesday am. Apparently we are not for from a well known safari park so that could be a further trip on on of our R&R days. Thats it for now.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Here is the official photograph of team Kili 2010, from left to right , Margo, Liz, Tina (me) Ann (my sister) and Jo (Margos daughter), the photograph was taken in the village pub, which is where we have been meeting to plan our trip for the last year, (evidence of folders ++ on the table), this was our last group meeting before our trip starts (4th Feb), (Im sure bar profits will now plummet and shares will drop.) we discussed our list, important items such as the number of loo rolls required, plastic nappy bags, (don't ask), where can one buy peanut butter in a plastic jar and the best on line shopping. We also made the decision about where we were going to stay for our pre and post RR, Moivaro Lodge in Arusha, if you google it you can see it, looks lovely and you can see Kili from the hotel. I have spent the day taking things back to the shops and buying more walking items!!!, (not more says David). Tomorrow is our last walk unfortunately Lizzie can't come because of her hectic social life, but then Liz has done the marathon twice so I suspect she hasn't a fitness problem. Its a fairly easy walk from Bromborough to Parkgate about 13 miles but it is quite flat, should take about 6 hours and that's including our stop at the Ship In, Brian who you saw in our video is also coming, it promises to be a wet and windy day. will let you know how we get on.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Countdown........... 4th Feb 2010. Here is a video of some of the group of 5 nurses all considered by many for undertaking the climb "as mad, nuts, brave,". In our video you can see Brian Moses (our son in law) unfortunately he is not climbing but he has been on some of our walks and proved an invaluable team member especially when we walking Scafell Pike last summer. Other members in the video are Jo Baker (the youngest member of the team, next is my sister Ann (looking very professional) followed by Margo (daughter of Jo), I of course was videoing